valang consulting


Two areas of expertise

The company valang consulting was created by a passionate woman acting in both real estate and business finance.


A true will to gain performance together

We make use of our experience and skills to best serve the interests of our clients and partners.


A long term vision 

Sustainable is our motto. It is essential to preserve our resources to be sustainable.


More than an agency, call us partner.


Our partners & Us


Our key skills

Finance and business administration, taxation and  real estate. 


Certified professionals

Our team is utterly qualified and continuously trained in our fields of expertise. 


Our partners

They trust us - and so do we!

We collaborate with professionals from diverse fields such as Law, Construction, Human Resources, Marketing.


 Because we need the best to go further.

Join us!

Inspired to join valang consulting? Send us your resume and cover letter. (email)