Our fees

Pack Acquisition

Our commission fees are based on the transaction price, excluding notary fees and other taxes.

The rate varies between 2% and 4%,  with a minimum of € 5,500.

The commission fees are paid at the end of the sales transaction  on the day of completion at the notary's.

Serenity Option

Our fees are based on the overall budget of the operation. They also depend on the complexity of implementation.


The rate varies between 1% and 3%, with a minimum of  € 1,500.

A payment schedule is defined together with the specifications.

Real estate Coaching

The real estate coaching service is billed at hourly rate.

  • One (1) hour costs  € 65.
  • Coaching Offer : € 220  for 3.5 hours of coaching and consulting, including support. 

Decide on how much time you need or let's define together a house-hunting plan.

Mobility Solution

 HOUSING SEARCH: The research fees are based on two criteria:

  • The amount of rent and the complexity of realization. They represent approximately 1.3 times the rent price excluding charges with a minimum billing of € 700. However, these fees can not exceed the limit of 2500 €.


Additional services on request: Hourly rate applied: 65 €